Delivery of goods to the buyer on the territory of the Czech Republic.


” *** Cost of delivery “


Distance from the warehouse in km. * Price for 1 pallet without VAT / with VAT
do 30km       260kč / 299kč
do 50km        304kč / 399kč
do 70km        364kč / 419kč
do 90km        434kč / 499kč
do 110km      538kč / 619kč
do 130km     590kč / 679kč
do 150km 605kč / 695kč
do 170km     782kč / 899kč
do 190km  851kč / 979kč
do 210km     895kč / 1029kč
do 230km 956kč  / 1099kč
do 250km      1025kč/1179kč


*Address of warehouse: K Čáslavkám 170, 503 04 Černožice, Czech Republic


Please note:


  1. When ordering, shipping costs are added to the price of the goods.
  2. Delivery of goods to other EU countries and at a distance of more than 250 km, we calculate each customer individually so that the transport is as favorable as possible.
  3. Delivery time: 7 – 15 days.
  4. The goods závozům use trucks equipped with the hydraulic front (Loading up to 4 tons).
  5. For transportation pallets for customer use pallet truck.
  6. We take the pallets on the paved area for a short distance, but due to the high weight of the pallets (up to 1,000 kg) there are some limitations.
  7. SUITABLE: asphalt, concrete, paving
  8. NOT SUITABLE:: Grass, gravel, sand, inclined area (I mild slope).
  9. If a Pallet Pallet Pallet cannot be used, the driver folds the pallet to the nearest suitable location and the next customer’s handling of the pallet truck has to be ensured by the customer himself.